Friday, July 4, 2008

The Importance of Tagging

Busby SEO Challenge

Tags are words which allow classification of information, not just by subject, but far more deeply, and the Internet has allowed a free form of tagging to develop, not using a list of permitted terms, but allowing users to add their own tags. This means that a wide variety of tags may be used to describe one particular idea or even an image, which has both pros and cons.

For instance, you may tag a document with a certain set of keywords, whilst another person sees it entirely differently and uses different tags to describe the information given in the document. This means that the number of keywords relating to that document is higher, and hence the potential audience who will find it is broader.

Allowing users to add their own tags has meant that when you search Flickr for a photo, Youtube for a video, or even Amazon for a book, user-generated tags will be part of the mix in the results you get.

These ‘social bookmarks’ make it possible to find items that have been classified by others who may use keywords and terms you are familiar with, but which may not be included in the text of the document, or the image.

The tag ‘humour’ is an example. A joke or a funny photo may not in itself include the word ‘humour’ but it is obvious to all who read or see it that it would fall into the category ‘humour’.

Another example is when tagging is used, as was the case with academic papers, to describe content in a succinct, and therefore easily indexable manner. For instance, this article could include the tags:

Article, internet marketing, tagging, tags, keywords, social bookmarks, organic search

But you might also add:

semantic web, search engine optimisation, folksonomies, search engine marketing

None of the latter terms are actually included in the article but all are relevant tags, and would mean that those searching on those particular keywords could then find this article.

Tagging is now used extensively on the internet, and it is worth understanding that tags develop very quickly in response to cultural changes, buzz, news items etc. Finding which tags are generating a buzz means that you can include these tags as keywords on your site and generate more organic search results.

Organic search is now extremely important as a source of traffic to any website, but it works best when you include as many keywords, or tags, as possible in a cohesive manner on your website. This does not mean randomly scattering popular keywords around your site (as used to be the case with terms such as ‘Pamela Anderson’!), but by including the popular terms relevant to your niche in your content.

These tags can be stand alone as part of your page to answer the WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) question your visitors ask as soon as they land on your site, or to categorize your content, or as an integral part of your content.

However you choose to use tags, they are an ever-growing part of the internet, of the way people search, and connect with information, and spending a little time looking at how different sites and users work with tags is a must.

Monday, June 30, 2008

The SEO Challenge Invites you

If you are not involved in the Web Design and Solution business the abbreviation SEO may not mean anything, but for those who know what Search Engine Optimization stands for, it is a daily challenge.

Busby Web Solutions, a dynamic, young Australian web solutions group recognized the importance of SEO in the world of Internet business and decided to invite and test the knowledge and professional brilliance of the experts in the field – the art of generating the highest and biggest volume of traffic to a web site, through search engines, by using targeted keywords.

Busby SEO World Cup Championship, has been starting in June 1, 2008 is a challenge to anyone involved in the web solutions industry. Before the end of August 2008, the participants have to optimize a key phrase in such a way that it shows up in the top positions on The contestant whose site gets the highest ranking is the winner and will receive $ 5000.

With very few base rules, this competition leaves the applicants a lot of freedom to use all their skills and tools and to prove to themselves and their colleagues, that they truly are champions. The cash is certainly a nice added bonus and can give every enterprise a much needed boost. Busby Web Solutions’ idea is brilliant. They offer the experts a worthy challenge and top it off with a nice reward, yet at the same time bring their own company to everyone’s attention. Did I forget to mention that the key phrase of this competition is: Busby SEO Challenge? Busby will be buzzing!

Friday, June 27, 2008

SEO Challenge

As I heard to my friends that there another seo contest. It's a seo competition will come starting on this June 01 and ends up to August 31, 2008. All link builder, seo'er and webmaster has been invited on this seo contest to joined and get the $5000 as a winning award for the person's or company own the highest entry website in the Google search engine. All contestant must put the required links on their sites and must be registered on the Busby Web Solutions to be able to participate on this seo contest. No age limit and anyone can be register as long as he/she or they have their own websites/blogs.

You may used your all techniques in link building, post some some articles on your websites. The required links must be post on the page on their website must be visible. Pornography, discrimination, and other illegal behavior are forbidden to be published. Optimize the word “busby seo challenge on your website. The Busby Web Solutions used the AU Australian datacenter as the based results.

For contestants who will win on this Busby SEO Challenge will get $5,000 for first prize, $2,000 for second prize, and $500 for the third prize. This is so interesting contest for the people who wants or participate on this seo contest. So if you are good keyword optimizer or a link builder, you are invited to join this seo competition. For those website/blogs who set on the highest rank will win $5000. This contest will end up on august 31, 2008 at 12:00 midday Perth, Western Australia time.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Run Through the Finish Line

When I search my entry in the Google search engine, I thought my site was banned by Google, I tried to communicate to all my friend SEO to ask what happened to my site. They said the Google search engine was changing its algorithms. I have received a notification from Blogger that my site was penalized due to the spamming, so I tried to make a new one entry again..

In the following days, Ill keep on link building and link building and my only goal is to keep my entry move to the top. Even though I have not enough knowledge in link building technique. I am only new to SEO, but through my friends and spirit I can make this to win this contest.. (toinks ang taas nmn ng fighting spirit nito).. Otherwise I keep on running through the finish line even its too far from the edge, I will keep on making a hundreds of step to finish my goal..

Thursday, February 21, 2008

seocontest2008: UCLA Seeks Restraining Order Against 'Terrorist' Animal Rights Activists

LOS ANGELES — The University of California went to court Thursday to try to keep animal rights activists away from UCLA employees who say they have been threatened because of their research.

Three times since June 2006, Molotov cocktail-type devices have been left near the homes of faculty members who oversee or participate in research that involves animals, according to a statement from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Researchers' homes have also been vandalized and they have received threatening phone calls and e-mails, according to the university. On at least one occasion a faculty member received a package rigged with razor blades, the statement said.

"Enough is enough," UCLA Chancellor Gene Block said. "We're not willing to wait until somebody is injured before taking legal action to protect our faculty and administrators from terrorist tactics, violence and harassment."

The University of California's Board of Regents filed suit in Superior Court in Santa Monica on Thursday, seeking a temporary restraining order and permanent injunctions keeping activists away from the researchers, university spokesman Phil Hampton said. The board oversees the state's 10 University of California campuses.

Hampton said the suit specifically requests restraining orders and injunctions against the Animal Liberation Front, the Animal Liberation Brigade, the UCLA Primate Freedom Project and five protesters believed to be affiliated with those groups.

The suit alleges that the defendants invaded researchers' privacy, interfered with business practices and intentionally caused emotional distress. It also asks the court to prohibit the defendants from vandalizing their property, violating local noise ordinances or disseminating personal information about university personnel over the Internet.

Jerry Vlasak, a spokesman for the Animal Liberation Press Office, said any pickets named in the suit have a constitutional right to protest. As for the underground protesters, he said they would not be intimidated by the lawsuit.

"Here they are risking 30-year sentences for arson and they're going to be threatened by a restraining order? It doesn't make sense to me," he said. "I would be laughing out loud."

The school has been cooperating with the FBI and the Los Angeles Joint Terrorism Task Force in investigating the threats. A combined $170,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible.

seocontest2008: Maging Sino Ka Man Ang Pagbabalik

The characters that we came to love in the multi-awarded drama, such as Eli, Jackie, JB and Celine (played by John Lloyd Cruz, Bea Alonzo, Sam Milby and Anne Curtis,respectively) return with the promise of displaying higher level of acting and deeper emotions in a mesmerizing story.

Respected actors Christopher de Leon and Chinchin Gutierrez assume their original roles that they have made iconic in season one. Meanwhile, Rosanna Roces and Phillip Salvador join the cast with a promise of equally brilliant portrayals.

As if the powerhouse cast mentioned above is not enough, today's hottest and most-promising stars join the admired ensemble to breathe life to characters bound to become unforgettable. Derek Ramsay, Angelica Panganiban and Toni Gonzaga lend their acting prowess to this year's Star Awards Best Drama series.

Considered as the soap opera that brought teleseryes to a higher level in the local scene, Maging Sino Ka Man Book II promises quality television program that you will not want to let go.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Support Pinoy to International SEO Contest 2008

In the UK Webmasterworld conducting a biggest and an international SEO contest, many Pinoy like me join in this contest, astig talaga ang mga pinoy, and we hoping pinoy will be stay on the top, the winner..

We are proud to be pinoy, for all the filipino we are requesting for your support. Itaas natin ang ating lahi..

You can support with us by linking the link below. Just copy and paste into your website. Here is the links :

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Mabuhay ang Pinoy!!!
Please help us maawa naman kayo...